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we offer a robust vetting system a requirement essential for the clientele we are working with.

Why choose us as your service provider.

We are different because we offer a robust vetting system a requirement essential for the clientele we are working with.


Our vetting system will take all the hassle away from the client and by holding an in-house system we can ensure that not only is the compliance up to date but we will also carry out the security vetting for those Agency Workers who will be carrying out shifts within the Prison System.
Our staff will support key and radio training with Prison Service staff / Security Staff.
We offer both our clients and our staff a 24 hour clinically manned line so that if queries arrive that does not warrant 999 access they can call the on-call line for further advice. Because our on-call staff are multi-disciplined, they will have instant access to solutions.
Our Agency is ratified by NMC as nurse led.
We are a Social Media aware Agency with Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In as well as our own website.

We are aware that in 2015/16, the Department of Health commissioned Public Health England (PHE) to undertake a rapid review of evidence of improvements in health outcomes for people in secure and detained settings of NHS commissioned health services with a view to inform the DH’s future prioritisation for work in the area. The time point at which this evidence review occurred coincided with ten years of commissioning of prison health services by the NHS in England & Wales.

The evidence review identified that a high-quality prison healthcare system had the following attributes:

  • increased accessibility to effective health and social care
  • Improved continuity of care for people as they transition between prison and the community
  • Greater emphasis on meeting mental health needs
  • Improved quality of data and greater information sharing to enable performance management and more efficient and effective services
  • Greater resources (financial and workforce)
  • Strong leadership and collaborative working between organisations
  • More robust evidence base on what works and what is cost effective
  • Greater inclusion of the views of people in prison and their families and the prison workforce in determining how healthcare is delivered


It is with these recommendations in mind that our Agency tailors our service to ensure these recommendations are carried out effectively and efficiently by our staff.




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All our nurses and G.P’s are regulated.




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